23rd World Hydrogen Energy Conference (WHEC-2022)

23rd World Hydrogen Energy Conference (WHEC-2022) was held in Istanbul, Turkey, between June 26-30, 2022. It was a multi-disciplinary international conference hosted by the International Association for Hydrogen Energy.  WHEC-2022 included both inspiring technical programs as well as enjoyable social events. The technical part of the WHEC-2022 included sessions where plenary, keynote, invited and general speakers delivered talks on their work and research in hydrogen energy.


In the organization of WHEC-2022, Dr. C. Ozgur Colpan and Dr. M. Akif Ezan (from DEU Mechanical Eng. Dpt.) tool role as the Technical Chairs. Yağmur Nalbant Atak, Sera Ayten Çetinkaya, Tacettin Dişli, Beyza Dursun, Anıl Erdoğan, and Aykut Korkmaz (from DEU) helped in the organization as Graduate Student Volunteers.

We attended WHEC-2022 with several oral presentations.

  • “Techno-Economic Performance Assessment of a Reactor System Used for Powerto- Methane Plant” A.C. Ince, C.O. Colpan, A. Keles, M.F. Serincan & U. Pasaogullari
  • “Solar Assisted Hydrogen Production via PV/T Assisted Small Scale Transcritical Power Cycle with Direct Steam Generation” G. Soyturk, O. Kizilkan, M.A. Ezan & C.O. Colpan
  • “Experimental and Exergy Analyses of Internal Reforming Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Fed with Reformate Gas” A. Erdogan, F. Capotondo, A. Hagen & C.O. Colpan
  • “Electrochemical Hydrogen Separation from Reformate Gas Using Polybenzimidazole/ MOF Composite Membranes” G.N. Bulanık Durmuş, E.O. Eren, Y. Devrim, C.O. Colpan & N. Ozkan
  • “Mathematical Modeling and Dynamic Simulation of a PVbased Hydrogen Generation and Storage System” G. Soyturk, O. Kizilkan, M.A. Ezan & C.O. Colpan
  • “Energy Analysis of a Membrane Reactor-based Hydrogen Production System” Y.N. Atak, C.O. Colpan & A. Iulianelli
  • “Parameter Optimization of a PBI Membrane-Based High Temperature- Electrochemical Hydrogen Compressor Fed with H2 and CO Mixture” C. Kuzu, C.O. Colpan, G.N. Bulanık Durmuş & Y. Devrim
  • “Comparative Study on Active and Passive Thermal Management Options of a Metal Hydride Hydrogen Storage Tank” T. Dişli, S.A. Çetinkaya, M.A. Ezan & C.O. Çolpan
  • “Design Parameters Optimization of Phase Change Material Integrated Metal Hydride Hydrogen Storage Tank” S.A. Çetinkaya, T. Dişli, M.A. Ezan & C.O. Çolpan
  • “Drive Cycle Simulation of a Small-Sized Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle” E. Alpaslan, M.U. Karaoglan & C.O. Colpan
  • “A System Model for Simulating a Fuel Cell Boat” S.A. Korkmaz, S.A. Cetinkaya, B. Goksu, O. Konur, K.E. Erginer & C.O. Colpan
  • “Multi-Objective Optimization of an Integrated Downdraft Biomass Gasifier and Solid Oxide Fuel Cell System” B. Dursun, A. Erdogan, C.O. Colpan & A. Ayol

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