The 14th International Exergy, Energy and Environment Symposium (IEEES-14) was held between December 24-27, 2023 by Piri Reis University in Tuzla, Istanbul, Türkiye. Dr. Colpan and his team attended this symposium with the following presentations:

  • Tunahan Akış, Mehmet Akif Ezan, Nuri Kayansayan, Önder Kızılkan, Çağla Cergibozan, Can Özgür Çolpan, “Development of a Dynamic t-CO2 Rankine Cycle Model with Heat Recovery System for Daily- Based Performance Assessment”
  • Sera Ayten Çetinkaya, Mehmet Akif Ezan, Mustafa Umut Karaoğlan, Can Ozgur Colpan, “Analysis of Thermally Coupled Fuel Cell and Metal Hydride Hydrogen Storage Tank System for Lightweight Vehicles”
  • Dogukan Mızrak, Yağmur Nalbant Atak, Anil Erdogan, Can Ozgur Colpan, “Performance Assessment of Power and Synthetic Methane Production from Geothermal Energy”

Dr. Çolpan also chaired a keynote speaker session in this conference.



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