Undergraduate Research Day Highlights

Some of the projects presented in the Undergraduate Research Day (2013-2014 Fall Term) [Poster]

  • Thermodynamic Analysis of Gumuskoy Geothermal Power Plant (Omer Katirci)

Gumuskoy Geothermal Power Plant

  • Design and Manufacturing of a Wind Turbine and Studying the Effect of Number of Blades on the Performance (Onuray Halis)

Wind Turbine by Onuray Halis 

  • Numerical Analysis of Air Flow and Heat Transfer in Domestic and Commercial Refrigerators (Enes Samed Em and Mustafa Dugral)


  • Hydrogen Production Using Photovoltaic Cells through Electrolysis of Water (Ahmet Tosun and Ferhat Armutcuoglu)

  •  Design and Manufacturing of a Viscosity Measurement Device (Muhittin Kursun, Ugur Kiracbedel, Zulal Kizilaslan, Bener Kubat, Erdem Cemil Kurt, and Eray Nalcaci) 

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