Teaching as a Faculty Member at Mechanical Engineering Department of Dokuz Eylul University

Course Code Course Name Year of Study Term Course Outline Course Content
MAK 2019 Termodinamiğe Giriş Undergraduate, 3rd year
(Textile Engineering)
Fall MAK2019-Outline MAK2019-Content
MAK 2024 Thermodynamics I Undergraduate, 2nd year Spring MAK2024-Outline MAK2024-Content
MAK 2026 Fluid Mechanics Undergraduate, 2nd year Spring MAK2026-Outline MAK2026-Content
MAK 3031 Thermodynamics-II Undergraduate, 3rd year Fall MAK3031-Outline MAK3031-Content
MAK 3033 Isı Transferi Undergraduate, 4th year
(Textile Engineering)
Fall MAK3033-Outline MAK3033-Content
MEE 5027 Heat, Mass and Momentum Transfer Graduate Fall MEE5027-Outline MEE5027-Content
MEE 5089 Fuel Cell Technology Graduate Fall MEE5089-Outline MEE5089-Content


Teaching as a Sessional Lecturer at Other Universities

Course Code Course Name Year of Study Department Institution Course Outline
MEC 850 Environmental Impact of Thermal Systems Undergraduate, 4th year Mechanical & Industrial Ryerson University MEC850-Outline
MAAE 2300 Fluid Mechanics I Undergraduate, 2nd year Mechanical & Aerospace Carleton University MAEE2300-Outline


Workshops/Programs that I attended to Improve Teaching Skills

Name of the Event Location Date(s) Details
Ryerson Faculty Conference Ryerson University May 22, 2012 Conference Program
Graduate University Teaching Skills Certificate Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada May 3-June 14, 2010 Program-Outline