Current Students

Some of the graduate students who are/were supervised by Dr. C. Ozgur Colpan:

PhD Level

 Name  Years  Thesis Title
Eda Alpaslan 2020- Present Performance Optimization of Powertrain Systems of Fuel Cell Vehicles through Theoritical and Experimental Studies
Yağmur Nalbant 2018 – Present Hydrogen Production from Biogas in a Membrane Reactor
Anıl Erdoğan Anıl Erdoğan 2017 – Present Mathematical Modeling of an Integrated Fuel Cell and Organic Rankine Cycle
Faruk Atacan Faruk Atacan 2017 – Present Design, testing and analysis of a venturi and nozzle system for condensing boilers

MSc Level

 Name  Years  Thesis Title
Cemil Kuzu 2021- present Mathematical Modeling of Electrochemical Hydrogen Compressors
Sera Ayten Çetinkaya 2021- present Mathematical Modeling of a Thermally Coupled Fuel Cell and Metal Hydride Hydrogen Storage Tank System
Beyza Dursun 2020- present Performance, Economic and Environmental Analyses of Integrated Biomass Gasification and Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Systems