Some of the graduate students who are/were supervised by Dr. C. Ozgur Colpan:

PhD Level

 Name  Graduation Year  Thesis Title Current Position (as of September 2022)
Anıl Erdoğan Anıl Erdoğan 2022 Mathematical Modeling of an Integrated Fuel Cell and Organic Rankine Cycle Senior Research Specialist, VESTEL Home Appliances
Yağmur Nalbant 2022 Hydrogen Production from Biogas in a Membrane Reactor Faculty Member at Atılım University
Ceren Yüksel

(co-supervised by
Dr. Senem Karahan Gülbay)

Investigation of Hydrogen Production from the Catalytic Dehydrogenation of Solid Hydrogen Storage Materials through Experimental and Modeling Studies
Researcher at Université Paris-Saclay
  Güvenç Alpaydın

(co-supervised by
Dr. Yilser Devrim)

2021 Development of a Composite Materials Based Fuel Cell through Modeling and Experimental Studies
Görkem Yalın

(co-supervised by
Dr. Hikmet Karakoc)


Production of PEM Fuel Cell-Lithium Polymer Battery Hybrid System Powered Mini-UAV And Modelling of Energy Management System

Faculty Member at Erzincan Binali Yıldırım Üniversitesi
 Ozum Calli Ozum Calli
(co-supervised by
Dr. Huseyin Gunerhan)
2019 Thermal Analysis of Biomass Fired Organic Rankine Cycle Faculty Member at Bilgi University
 Kahraman Coban Kahraman Coban
(co-supervised by
Dr. Hikmet Karakoc)
2018 Energy, Exergy and Sustainability Analyses of a Turbojet Engine that Runs with Different Types of Fuel on UAVs Deputy Manager, Process Monitoring and R&D at Enerjisa Üretim

MSc Level

 Name  Graduation Year  Thesis Title Current Position (as of September 2022)
Beyza Dursun

(co-supervised by Prof. Dr. Azize Ayol)

2023 Performance, Economic and Environmental Analyses of Integrated Biomass Gasification and Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Systems PhD Student, Lund University
Merve Atılmış 2022
Mathematical Modeling of a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) Based Micro-CHP System for Residential Applications
Test Engineer, Gates Corporation
Etkin Barış Çetin (co-supervised by
Dr. Ebru Erünal)
2019 Innovative Catalyst Synthesis and Performance Tests on Direct Alcohol Fuel Cells PhD Student at DEÜ
Alper Can Ince 2019 System-Level Modeling and Simulation of Direct Methanol Fuel Cells PhD Student and Research Assistant (Mechanical Engineering) at the University of Connecticut, Grad Intern at Los Alamos National Lab
   Yağmur Nalbant Atak

(co-supervised by
Dr. Yilser Devrim)

2018 Modeling and Simulation of High Temperature Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Based Cogeneration Systems PhD Student at DEÜ
  Deniz Yılmaz 2018 Heat and Moisture Transport in the Firefigher Protective Clothing and the Human Skin
 Mustafa Ercelik Mustafa Erçelik 2017 Manufacturing and Testing of Direct Methanol Fuel Cells Based on Alternative Materials PhD Student, The University of Sheffield
 Anıl Erdoğan Anıl Erdoğan 2017 Thermal Design and Optimization of Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers Used in Organic Rankine Cycles Project Engineer, Vestel
 Faruk Atacan Faruk Atacan 2017 Three Dimensional and Two-Phase Modeling of a Flowing-Electrolyte Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Development Engineer, Bosch Thermotechnik
 Ugur Gencalp Ugur Gencalp 2017
Design, Modeling, Manufacturing, and Testing of a Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Stack
Makine ve Kimya Endüstrisi A.Ş.
 Gökmen Yaşal Gokmen Yasal
(co-supervised by Dr. Metin Yaras)
2017 Direct Numerical Simulation of the 3D Leading-Edge Flow Development and Transition to Turbulence on Lift-Generating Bodies Inspired by Humpback Whale Flippers Engineer, KANSAN
 Duygu Melek Cakici Duygu Melek Cakici 2016 Thermal Modeling of A Geothermal Powered Organic Rankine Cycle Integrated with Parabolic Trough Solar Collectors Mechanical Engineer, Akdeniz Metal Makina San.Tic. Ltd.Sti.
 Erdem Erey Erdem Erey 2016 Three-dimensional Multiphysics Modeling of a Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Assistant Tax Inspector, Ministry of Treasury and Finance

Graduation  Album


Notable Undergradaute Students

Name (s) Year(s) Project Title
  Ecem BinaoğluTuğçe Duranay  2016 Experimental investigation of the effect of mixing method on the homogeneity and the fuel cell temperature on the performance of direct methanol fuel cells
  Alper Can İnceM.Gizem Bayrakdar  2016-2017  Thermodynamic Modeling of a Direct Methanol Fuel Cell System
  Aytuğ Serhat AkpakMeriç Kütük  2016-2017  Design and Testing of a Maglev Train Based on Solar Panel and Reversible PEM Fuel Cell
  Ceyda Günay 2016-2017  Mathematical Modeling and Exergetic Optimization of a Parabolic Trough Solar Collectur
 Adnan Ozden and Mustafa Ercelik Adnan Ozden
Mustafa Ercelik
2014-2015 Manufacturing and testing of direct methanol fuel cells with different methods
 Onur Kadem and Deniz Eker Onur Kadem
Deniz Eker
2014-2015 Design, manufacturing, and testing of a direct methanol fuel cell stack
 Kubra Ozalp and Huseyin Kaman Kubra Ozalp
Huseyin Kaman
2014-2015 Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Analysis of Electrochemical Systems
 Gokhan Fidan and Anil Erdogan Anil Erdogan
Gokhan Fidan
2014-2015 Design and analysis of a shell and tube heat exchanger in an organic Rankine cycle
From left to right: Bilal Özen, Tarık Özbilgin, Özgür Çolpan, and Enes Yeğin Tarık Özbilgin
Enes Yeğin
Bilal Özen
2013-2014 Manufacturing of the membrane electrode assembly of a direct methanol fuel cell
Faruk Atacan and Ugur Gencalp Faruk Atacan
Uğur Gençalp
2013-2014 Thermodynamic analysis of Pakmaya cogeneration system
Omer Katirci Omer Katirci 2013-2014 Thermodynamic analysis of Gumuskoy geothermal power plant
 Onuray Halis Onuray Halis 2013-2014 Design and manufacturing of a small wind turbine
 Mustafa Dugral and Enes Samed Em Enes Samed Em
Mustafa Dugral
2013-2014 Numerical analysis of air flow and heat transfer in domestic and commercial refrigerators